ICFF Field Report: Light-up huggable pillows are soooo Crave

The latest from the ICFF in NYC.

Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

To those who stepped in late: here at Crave, we like things that light up . So when I saw these huggable light-up pillows at ICFF, I more or less concluded that no matter what they were, they had to be blogged. Turns out they're the inaugural product from designer Diana Lin, and they're called the Rei Huggables (pronounced "ray," you know, like sunlight).

Basically, a Rei pillow is a set of 12 LEDs encased in soft silicone cases that are stashed inside a fuzzy pillow cover. The ellipse-shaped silicone cases give each pillow a sort of amoeba-like look, and they're available in white, pink, and gold. They can be powered either by four AA batteries or an AC adapter, and they're warm to the touch so that they can help keep you nice and toasty when it's cold out.

Luminous pillows, I should note, are generally not among our favorite glowy items . And the Rei's eyebrow-raising price--$125 for a single pillow--isn't really our style. But they sure are cute!

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