Ice maker always at the ready

The NewAir AI-100SS Countertop Portable Ice Maker in stainless steel is the perfect summer accessory. Capable of making a batch of ice in as little as six minutes, the convenient appliance keeps the party going.

No need for an ice run.
No need for an ice run. Air & Water, Inc.

Summer, fleeting as it is, is not the season to waste. Warm weather is made more enjoyable by sharing it with family and friends, and we gather together easily at the slightest hint of a backyard barbecue or pool party. It doesn't require much to get the good times going at a get-together: just a little food and some drinks will do the trick. As basic as that may be, there is still at least one other factor to consider.

Nobody wants to go on an ice run in the middle of a party. The easy-to-overlook detail, while seemingly minor, can bring a party to a standstill. The NewAir AI-100SS Countertop Portable Ice Maker in stainless steel makes the first batch of ice in as little as six minutes. Capable of making up to 28 pounds of ice per day, the ice maker offers an easy way to keep the party going.

Designed for use wherever there is a standard household electrical outlet, the ice maker is convenient as well as versatile. Capable of producing three ice sizes, users are able to adjust the machine to their personal preferences. With no need for a water line or drain, the appliance even comes in handy when there is too much ice; water from melting ice is stored in a reservoir to be used for a fresh batch in the next cycle--just waiting for the party to start.

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