Ice cream cones in cookie form

The Ice Cream Cone Copper Cookie Cutter makes for an extra sweet treat, allowing you to shape cookies like another favorite dessert.

The Ice Cream Cone Cookie Cutter Sur la Table

If you've been looking for a fun cookie-decorating project to do with your children, I have to recommend the Ice Cream Cone Copper Cookie Cutter from Sur la Table. This cookie cutter lets you turn out cookies that are begging for a little icing and sprinkles. It creates cookies that are a little over-size--one of these cookies is plenty at between 3 inches and 5 inches. But the part of the cookie representing a scoop of ice cream offers a good-size canvas for brightly colored frosting and your favorite decorations. When you're done, you can easily use these cookies as gifts, add them to goodie bags, or take the spotlight at the next bake sale.

The Ice Cream Cone Copper Cookie Cutter is made from copper: it's a durable cookie cutter but does require hand washing. They're a good choice for making cookies all year long, by the way. Ice cream cones never go out of season, unlike bunnies, ghosts, and snowmen. They'll fit in at just about any party or work for any project--and you can use them with other treats than standard cut out cookies. The Ice Cream Cone Copper Cookie Cutter is priced at $7.95 and is made by Old River Road.

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