I want to print my WebTV

Hewlett-Packard and WebTV Networks will team up to offer printing capabilities to the WebTV product in May.

Hewlett-Packard(HWP) and WebTV Networks today announced that they will team up to offer printing capabilities to the WebTV product in May.

WebTV lets users surf the Web from television and has become synonymous with the effort to connect to the Internet from devices other than PCs. A demonstration of the device will figure prominently in this week's Jupiter Communications online industry trade show.

The printer feature was expected on WebTV sooner than May, but it has been delayed because WebTV wanted to make sure it could be used with existing printers. The device, which was announced today, is an accessory to a printer, and it will cost well under $100. But users still will have to buy the printer itself at greater cost.

"Printing is the most popular request from our WebTV subscribers," said Phil Goldman, senior vice president of engineering for WebTV Networks.

Added Bob Weis, general manager for home printing for HP: "Without leaving their living rooms, subscribers of the WebTV Network will be able to get high-quality output on their home DeskJet printers from anywhere on the Internet."

HP is the first printer maker to announce support for WebTV, but the company will strike deals with other printer companies later this year.

The company's product also is expected to support technologies such as JavaScript and Macromedia's Flash later this year to let users see more online animation.

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