I can has lolcat translator?


I often find myself using translation services when looking at obscure blog posts in French, German, or other popular foreign languages, but how about those great services like Babelfish that work the other way around? When it comes to lolspeak--the mysterious language of hyper-intelligent cats--I sometimes find myself at a loss, thinking "wouldn't it be handy if there was a way to take the mental work out of the equation?" That's where Speaklolcat comes in handy. This one-way translator will take any bit of proper English, and turn it into a lolspeak, free of charge. True to form, results come in all caps, and with flagrantly improper grammar.

Similar to 1337 translators, Speaklolcat does its best to handle the words you type in, changing spellings, and often making necessary abbreviations or humorous adjustments. If it somehow bungles its efforts, you can submit your own recommendation, and the service will "learn."

Speaklolcat isn't nearly as comprehensive a service as the lolcat builder, but used in tandem, makes for a quick and easy way to make your own lolcats using Web services.

[via DownloadSquad]

Lolspeak is as simple as it gets. Just enter the text you want translated and hit the button. CNET Networks

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