Hydrophobic nanotech swim trunks defy water, stains

Soggy swimsuits may be history if these trunks get a Kickstart. Their nanotech secret sauce is supposed to never wash out.

Frank Anthonoy swim trunks
These shorts are designed to repel water, soda, coffee, and other liquids. Frank Anthony

Hydrophobic nanotech clothing has been around for a few years, but it usually comes with a limited lifespan. The Silic T-shirt, for example, smashed its Kickstarter goal with a piece of clothing that maintains its water-repelling properties for about 80 washes. Frank Anthony swimwear has just debuted on Kickstarter with a better promise: it will never lose its nanotech magic.

The swim shorts are cut in a classic fashion. Looking at them, you wouldn't guess they have special water-repelling properties that mean you can go for a dunk in the ocean and then sit down in your car a few minutes later without sogging up the seats.

"This is a completely new and unique fabric we have developed in partnership with our supplier, and it has been tested rigorously to be able to withstand detergents, salt water, and chlorine, making it unique from other nanotechnology clothing you may have seen in the past," Franky Shaw, CEO of Frank Anthony, tells CNET.

"We have created a unique polyester blend that incorporates hydrophobic nanotechnology within the fabric, making it completely free of any hazardous effects topical nanotechnology coatings may possess. With the nanotechnology inside the fabric preventing all water-based substances from absorption, you are able to freely wash our shorts just like any other clothing item, without the fear of reducing its hydrophobic capabilities," says Shaw.

The swim shorts come in a variety of different colors and patterns, from standard manly camo to more whimsical scenes of beaches with the surf crashing up against rocks. Each set of trunks costs a $62 pledge for the fancy pants or $43 for standard black or white. I don't know how pricing for men's swimsuits works, but that would be pretty inexpensive for a woman's suit.

Shaw may diversify the nano line. "If we are successful, we plan on expanding our swimwear line into the female swimsuit market. We understand the market is much more competitive, but we are determined to incorporate scientific advancements in nanotechnology with swimwear to provide our users with the best possible swimming experience," he says.


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