Hybrid cooktop explores induction, electric cooking

The Frigidaire Professional 30-inch and 36-inch Induction Hybrid Cooktops feature a combination of induction zones and electric elements.

The 36-inch model. Frigidaire

Technology is always moving forward. However, along with these advances come the inevitable needed upgrades. These are frequently a source of frustration, software and hardware incompatibilities with new technologies can often leave you out in the cold. Sure, you may have a nice, new shiny gadget, but if it won't talk to any of your peripherals, you have to start collecting them all over again. The same goes for kitchen appliances.

Induction cooking may be highly efficient, but it only works with ferrous pots and pans. Therefore, if your current favorite cookware is copper, glass, or aluminum, chances are you will have to upgrade if you wish to explore induction cooking. That is, unless you invest in a cooktop that can do electric and induction cooking.

The Frigidaire Professional 30-inch and 30-inch Induction Hybrid Cooktops combines electric and induction technologies into one convenient unit. Featuring two electric 7-inch 1,800-watt elements along with six-inch and 10-inch induction zones (the 36-inch model has an additional six-inch electric element); the cooktop is capable of straddling the line between new and old technologies. The responsiveness and efficiency of induction cooking and the classic versatility of electric, are both combined into one convenient package, complete with a smooth, ceramic glass surface. If only all upgrades were so painless.

(Via Appliancist)

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