Hulu coming to Roku? Maybe, maybe not

Roku responds--vaguely--to rumors that Hulu will be added to its Roku Digital Video Player.

Playboy article on Roku and Hulu
Does Playboy have it right? Zatz Not Funny

When we last heard from Roku, the company was pledging to add 10 more channels to its Roku Digital Video Player before the end of the year. With 2009 almost half over, however, there's still only two: Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand. But according to Playboy Magazine, one of those new channels could well be Hulu. So notes blogger Dave Zatz, who photographed the incriminating sidebar article from the June 2009 issue of the magazine. "Roku promises Hulu support is coming" says the throwaway parenthetical sentence.

But is it true? Responding to the Playboy excerpt highlighted by Zatz, a Roku spokesman contacted by CNET replied, "We're not sure where that came from. We have not made any public statements regarding Hulu."

If you're keeping score at home, that's really neither a confirmation nor a denial that Hulu's on the way to Roku--just an indication that Roku didn't make any on-the-record comments to Playboy on the subject.

So, will we be seeing Hulu on the Roku--or any other non-PC device this year? Your guess is as good as mine. Like the bulk of the early commenters on Zatz's post, I'm skeptical: Hulu's jousting with Boxee and its recent well-received desktop application show that the streaming service is taking pains to remain PC-bound. But I hope I'm wrong.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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