HTC Touch Cruise...on by the States, please

HTC announces a new model in its Touch line called the HTC Touch Cruise. The smartphone includes built-in GPS and Windows Mobile 6.

HTC Touch Cruise
HTC Touch Cruise HTC

While HTC has joined the Open Handset Alliance and will certainly have a hand in manufacturing Google Android handsets, it's still committed to making Windows Mobile devices. In fact, the company just announced another drool-worthy smartphone called the HTC Touch Cruise.

Aptly named the Cruise, the device can help you cruise around, thanks to the built-in GPS receiver and TomTom mapping and navigation software. The Windows Mobile 6 (Professional Edition) device also features the TouchFLO interface found on the HTC Touch and HTC Touch Dual, and has a 2.8-inch touch screen, a 3-megapixel camera, and an FM radio. And if that weren't enough, the quad-band smartphone includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HSDPA support. The HTC Touch Cruise will be available unlocked from HTC starting this month, though pricing was not announced at this time.

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