HTC to be at One with gold hue, too?

A leak out of China indicates that the next HTC One could come with a gold finish like the one Apple has unveiled for the iPhone 5S.

HTC One in blue
The HTC One now comes in blue. So why not gold, too? Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Apple's iPhone 5S might not be the only gold-colored smartphone on store shelves soon.

A China-based Sina Weibo user on Friday published photos of what the person says is a new HTC One featuring a gold finish. The part in the image appears to be authentic, but it's impossible to know for sure if it's the real thing or simply a prototype that will never come out.

However, according to Engadget, which earlier reported on the image, the person who posted the gold-colored HTC One also showed off a Blue HTC One that was subsequently announced by the company, so he or she has some credibility.

That HTC could be working on a gold-tinted smartphone indicates that the market might soon follow Apple's lead and offer the color to customers, as well. Apple announced the iPhone 5S earlier this week and is offering it in black and in white, as well as the gold finish. The "gold," however, is more champagne-colored than anything else. The device shown in the leaked Sina Weibo image appears to have about the same tone.

CNET has contacted HTC for comment on the image leak. We will update this story when we have more information.

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