HTC One X quad-core superphone reviewed

Android fans worldwide are dying to know how the high-octane HTC One X stacks up, and now the wait's over.


Craving to know exactly how HTC's latest, baddest, Android smartphone on the block really fares against the competition? Not to worry because our friends at CNET UK have completed putting the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich quad-core fire breather to the test.

The result is sadly as I'd thought it would be. HTC's new technological terror is nimble as a cat, shoots excellent pictures and video, plus is the most intuitive to operate, thanks to its fresh flavor of Sense. This is a tragedy, no, a crying shame because it'll never come to the U.S. -- at least in this form.

HTC fanatics though can take solace in the fact that we expect LTE versions of One X will land on Sprint and AT&T soon. In fact Sprint's announcement is expected to happen on Wednesday in a big shindig staring HTC President Jason MacKenzie and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. Oh yes, we'll be there in force, so stay tuned as we learn more.

Read CNET UK's complete hands-on review of the HTC One X. Also check out our hands on with the HTC One S expected to come to T-Mobile.

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