HTC One: Taste the rainbow (photos, video)

You can get your HTC One in six different hues, and CNET's seen 'em all. Check out the eye candy here.


Counting the elusive and highly exclusive HTC One plated in 18-karat gold, the smartphone maker has created six shades of its sleek, sophisticated, and marquee Android phone.

There's the white (OK, silver) shade, plus buttoned-up black, and not one, but two types of blue. Select global markets can get their hands on what HTC calls "Vivid Blue," while Best Buy stores in the US can get "Metallic Blue."

Rounding out the set is my personal favorite, a rich, vibrant red One that, stateside, you can pick up with Sprint.

We managed to corner four of them at once in our CNET headquarters here in San Francisco, and saw two in London. Which color catches your eye the most? Share it with us in the comments below.

HTC colors
The HTC One's true colors. Josh Miller/CNET
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