HTC One back on shelves as legal appeal succeeds

The Court of Appeal has granted a stay on Nokia's injunction against HTC's devices in the UK, meaning it can carry on flogging the One.

HTC's had an early Christmas present from the Court of Appeal, as it today ruled to grant a stay on the injunction against its devices in the UK, following a lawsuit brought by Nokia over alleged patent infringement .

The ruling means the Taiwanese company can continue to flog its phones here in Britain, including the brilliant HTC One , the diminutive One Mini and the oversized new One Max .

"HTC is delighted that the Court of Appeals has granted a stay on the injunction against our products," the company said in a statement this afternoon. "We will immediately resume shipment of all of our devices into the UK, including the entire HTC One family."

"Similarly, our customers should feel confident in their ability to promote and sell all HTC devices. Even though we plan to aggressively appeal the validity decision of Nokia’s EP 0 998 024 patent, we will continue to work with our chip suppliers on alternative solutions to ensure minimal disruption to our business in the future."

Back in October, Mr Justice Arnold of the High Court ruled that HTC phones infringe that specific patent, which describes a way in which phones transmit data.

"Patent litigation rarely happens quickly enough to change the market," industry expert Ian Fogg of IHS told CNET. "By the time the full legal process with appeals has completed, the mobile handset market has moved on to newer models."

Earlier in the case, Justice Arnold revealed HTC is planning a sequel to the One -- a One Two, perhaps -- to be released in February or March next year. It's rumoured to be codenamed the M8, and is likely to feature the very latest Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip.

Are you splashing out on an HTC One this Christmas? Which One are you going for? Should mobile makers just shake hands and agree to get along? File suit in the comments below, or over on the court of public opinion that is our Facebook page.


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