HTC Jetstream review: Again, why is this so expensive?

Does the overly expensive HTC Jetstream tablet earn its high price?

The HTC Jetstream with its smooth, minimalist design, is one of the better tablet designs we've seen recently. James Martin/CNET

Price matters to everyone to some extent. If you're a prospective vendor planning to sell a tablet that, at its cheapest, is $700, you had better offer something uniquely compelling.

Too many tablets are out there vying for consumer attention and, with limited funds, we need a compelling reason to bite. A tablet that simply does the same things other tablets do in a different package just ain't gonna cut it.

It needs a feature or a quality to stand out, like the Sony Tablet S's ability to play Playstation games or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's implementation of its TouchWiz, complete with its music and media hubs.

Check out the full review to see if the HTC Jetstream is worth your cash.

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