HTC issues Sense 3.0 to pair of existing Android smartphones

Although the custom interface is for U.K.-only models, we anticipate seeing the same treatment for their U.S. counterparts.

The Desire HD is one of two Android smartphones getting the Sense 3.0 update. HTC

Keeping true to its word, HTC has begun issuing a Sense 3.0 update to a pair of older smartphones.

Specifically, the two models getting the bump this time are the Incredible S and Desire HD.

The custom interface was introduced earlier in the year and includes a number of aspects that can be tailored by the user. Most notable among the features is the lock screen, which allows for quick access to popular applications such the camera, e-mail, and phone.

Although these Sense 3.0 updates are designed for U.K.-only models at this point, we might safely assume that the U.S. counterparts get the same treatment. That being the case, we may look for the Droid Incredible 2 (Verizon) and Inspire 4G (AT&T) to pick up Sense 3.0 before too long.

While the custom UI might not be the same thing as a new version of Android, it does lend to an improved user experience. Personally, I'm happy to see HTC staying true to its commitments and working to update things on its end, even for "old" phones like these.

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