HTC HD2 officially coming to T-Mobile

T-Mobile announces the upcoming availability of the Windows-powered HTC HD2 smartphone.


LAS VEGAS--Ever since the HTC HD2 was first introduced at CTIA Fall 2009, the big questions on everyone's mind has been when will it be available in the U.S. and who will the carrier be? Well, we finally got the answer on the eve of CES 2010.

During his keynote address, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that the HTC HD2 will be coming to T-Mobile, but he didn't really provide specific details about availability date or pricing. However, the smartphone is expected to ship some time in the spring and you can sign up for alerts on T-Mobile's Web site.

The HD2 runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 and is the first Windows phone to feature the HTC Sense interface. In addition, the device offers an impressive 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen, a 1GHz Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, a 5-megapixel camera, and all the other features you'd expect in a high-end smartphone. We'll be meeting up with HTC later this week so hopefully we'll get some quality hands-on time with the device so check back soon for more hands-on impressions and video.

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