HTC faces cease-and-desist push from patent firm

In Germany, patent licensing firm IPCom sends cease-and-desist letters to retailers and wholesalers of HTC's 3G devices.

HTC ChaCha
The HTC ChaCha. HTC

German patent licensing firm IPCom is sending cease-and-desist letters to retailers and wholesalers of HTC's 3G devices, even though it does not have a specific court order allowing it to do so.

The company began sending the letters to around 100 German retailers, including mobile operators and major chains such as the Media-Saturn group, last night. HTC promised it would fight back, saying the patent cited in the letter was likely to be revoked soon anyway.

"It is regrettable that IPCom has demonstrated that it is prepared to go to any lengths, including contacting our customers, to advance what we consider to be disproportionate and unjustifiable claims," the Taiwanese manufacturer said. "We will continue to fiercely defend our business interests and those of our customers and partners."

Read more of "German patent firm takes HTC fight to retailers" at ZDNet UK.


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