HTC begins testing Gingerbread update for Desire

The Android 2.3 update is being tested by HTC with quality assurance set to begin within the next few days.

HTC announced today that testing has already begun on the HTC Desire's Gingerbread update. The news comes less than two weeks after HTC promised a stripped-down version of Android 2.3 would indeed arrive.

Readers may recall the recent dust-up when HTC claimed that due to size constraints it would be unable to deliver both Gingerbread and the HTC Sense user interface. The company quickly reversed its statement after a consumer outcry. It's not known for certain how this update will look nor what had to be shelved in order to get it to fit properly.

According to HTC's Facebook page, quality assurance for the update is scheduled to begin this week. A followup statement is expected once general availability has been determined.

HTC is testing a software update thought to be impossible just two weeks ago. HTC Facebook

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