HTC Advantage now in stores, worth $900?

HTC America announces the U.S. availability of the HTC Advantage through CompUSA and

HTC Advantage
HTC Advantage HTC

Today, HTC America announced that its non-smart phone, non-laptop, not-really-sure-what-to-call-it HTC Advantage is now available for purchase at CompUSA and for $899 (gulp). The Advantage represents a new product category for the company, and it isn't designed to be a complete laptop replacement. Instead, the Windows Mobile 6 mobile computer is "the perfect device for three days on the road," according to HTC's description. Just marketing fluff? Well, check out the device's specs:

  • A 5-inch VGA touch screen and a magnetically connected full QWERTY keyboard
  • Small enough to put in a large coat pocket or purse
  • An 8GB hard drive with 256MB ROM/128MB RAM and a miniSD card slot
  • Runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition, with the full Microsoft Office Mobile Suite
  • Quadband (GSM 850/900/1800/1900; GPRS/EDGE); 3G (UMTS/HSDPA), Bluetooth 2.0, and Wi-Fi
  • Built-in GPS with support for TeleNav GPS Navigator for turn-by-turn directions

Come on, you have to admit the thing is pretty stocked, but is the HTC Advantage compelling enough to purchase in addition to your notebook? We have some doubts, but we just got word that there's a special delivery arriving in the mail for us today, so check back very soon for our final verdict.

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