HP settles inkjet dispute with LexJet

LexJet will use a different ink formula in its remanufactured cartridges and pay Hewlett-Packard an undisclosed sum.

Hewlett-Packard on Thursday announced it has dropped a patent infringement charge against LexJet Corporation over the type of ink used in remanufactured HP print cartridges.

In exchange, LexJet has agreed to alter the recipe used to make its ink as well as pay HP an undisclosed sum.

HP originally filed suit against Florida-based LexJet on May 22.

LexJet is one of many companies that take used HP ink cartridges and resell them with their own ink inside. It's a sensitive topic for HP, one of the world's largest producer of printers and ink cartridges, which has sued several cartridge and ink makers in the past claiming infringement.

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