HP Phoenix gaming desktop U.S.-bound?

HP Pavilion Elite Phoenix gaming desktop pops up in the U.K. Will we see this system in the U.S.?

HP's gaming-oriented Pavilion Elite Phoenix is UK-only for now.
HP's gaming-oriented Pavilion Elite Phoenix is UK-only for now. PC Gamer

UK-based PC Gamer has a cheeky post up today regarding a for-now-UK-only Pavilion Elite Phoenix gaming desktop from HP. PC Gamer points out the rebirth metaphor in the name as it relates to the goings-on with HP's Personal Systems Group. We might also note the significance of the name as it relates to HP's previously stagnant gaming PC efforts since the departure of Rahul Sood, former head of HP Global Gaming, and founder of the HP-acquired boutique PC builder, Voodoo PC.

The system itself looks like a stylized take on the HP's newly redesigned Pavilion Elite desktop that came out in the U.S. this summer. That model and its AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card had respectable gaming chops, but it played to a more generalized consumer.

The Phoenix model doesn't have specs on HP's UK-based site, but PC Gamer extrapolates a higher-end Radeon HD 6870 3D card based on a thermal specification. The design, at least given the red LED highlights behind the front grille, also suggests HP is steering this system to a gaming-oriented crowd.

As to whether this system is headed to the U.S., HP would say only "sorry, can't comment on the U.S. market availability at this time."

We'll take that as a "probably."

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