How we like our iPhones: Supersized

We spotted this giant "iPhone" at a tech event in Silicon Valley. Here's what we were able to find out.

RoamBi's giant iPhone
How do you like this screen size? Photo by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Strap an Apple iPhone to Dr. Frankenstein's slab and you might wind up with something like this larger-than-life "iPhone" we spotted Thursday at a tech event in Silicon Valley.

Mellmo, the company behind the Roambi (review) spreadsheet visualizer app for iPhone, commissioned an undisclosed designer to give life to this giant faux-iPhone. Although we're not sure who the mastermind is, we do know a bit about the construction. The mammoth touch-screen device is made of a large touch-sensitive computer encased with plastic that's been cast in the shape of the iPhone's rounded-rectangular body. Mellmo runs the Flash version of its Roambi app on the screen.

While the iPhone's classic home screen dimple isn't operational on this massive build, event-goers can walk right up and navigate the screen with their hands. Sorry, guys, no pinch and zoom.

Mellmo wouldn't say how much it costs to supersize an iPhone, but we're pretty sure it isn't subsidized by AT&T.

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