How to train a horse without leaving the car

A modded Ford truck is turned into a mobile racehorse trainer.


As Crave learned recently, there are some impressive technologies out there to train the novice equestrian . And now we've discovered that there are systems available for the beasts themselves--specifically, those trained to race.

Kurt Systems, which Gizmag describes as a "Turkish racehorse and camel training equipment specialist," has created a mobile racehorse trainer that basically looks like a car with a slot carved right down the middle for the animal and its jockey. This bizarre vehicle, modded from a Ford F150 truck and powered by a Volvo diesel engine, "provides a moving enclosure in which a horse can walk, trot, or gallop in a controlled environment" up to 60 kilometers, or 37 miles, per hour.

There's enough space in the vehicle for a crew of three and various health-monitoring equipment, as well as a silicone saddle that can simulate the weight of a jockey. And for those concerned about the animal's rights, Kurt's general manager says the company's equipment is "horse-welfare sensitive." That, however, doesn't speak to everything else involved in the training process.

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