How to play an LP without a turntable

It doesn't have a platter or tonearm, but the Vinyl Killer can play a LP by riding the grooves! Watch the video to see it in action.


You're "feelin' groovy" but don't have a turntable or a place to plug one in? No problem, the Vinyl Killer, a.k.a., the Soundwagon can play your tunes!

Fidelity isn't a strong suit of the little toy and groove tracking can be hit or miss, but the little machine is a great gimmick. That it works at all is kind of amazing. I doubt anyone could devise a CD Killer to play a CD by driving over the pits.

I actually sold a few of these things back in the 1980s when I was a high-end audio salesguy. They went for $20 or $25, but I bought this one for $80 ten years ago.

Vinyl Killers are no longer made, but they're not hard to find on eBay.

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