How to make $40 DIY soundproof headphones

To add a little music to his wood shop, Anderson considered buying a set of protective MP3-compatible headphones before committing to make a better pair himself...for less than $40.

Ian Anderson crafted his own set of sound-protective hi-fi headphones. Ian Anderson

Amateur tinkerer Ian Anderson works in a wood shop and wears earphones to protect himself against a constant exposure to loud noises. To add a little music to his day, Anderson considered buying a set of noise-canceling headphones before committing to make a better pair himself.

Anderson started with a pair of Koss KSC75 clip-on style titanium stereophones that feature the same 60-ohm drivers found on the highly regarded Koss Porta-Pro model.

He embedded the KSC75s into a pair of Peltor 105 Professional Noise Cancelling Earmuffs using the tools in his garage and came up with a 3.5mm-compatible stereo surround headphone that also drowns out the loudness in the shop.

And with a combined cost of $40 for both headphones ($20 each), the DIY project ended up being less than even the cheapest set of WorkTunes cans.

Anderson drew inspiration from dsjackson1's Instructables page with slight technical modifications, but be sure to check out Ian Anderson's blog page for more DIY projects.

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