How to live like a hamster

One spin is for lounging


This brings an entirely new meaning to the "rat race." Looking like a giant hamster wheel, this rodent-like contraption proposes to be very economical with space. The idea is that you roll the wheel into position when you need a particular room setting or function. Spin it for a lounger, again for a table for two, etc.

Expect to get a jolly good workout just moving from the kitchen to the bedroom, to the study, and just about anywhere else in your human cage. More interesting is the Wet Cell, which is the module housing the commode, shower, and bath. (Would water from the loo defy gravity when you're on the opposite end taking a bath? Can you shower upside time and save time rotating the wheel?) Fortunately, the ceilings of public housing in Asia are generally too low to accommodate the TurnON, so we'll never have to find out.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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