How techie is your romance? Take our Valentine's Day survey

Have you proposed in a tweet? Or hacked a level of Super Mario World for your special someone? We want to hear from you

Have you proposed in a tweet ? Or hacked a level of Super Mario World for your special someone? Ever had a romantic message engraved on an iPod ? How about coding a custom iPhone app just for him or her? Crave is no stranger to the ol' bow-chicka-wow-wow, but with Valentine's Day a mere three weeks away, we want to know how big a part technology plays in your love life.

Have you hooked up with old flames on Facebook? Asked someone out on Twitter? Whispered sweet nothings over Skype? Have you used dating sites or smart phone apps? Have you found meeting people online easier and more successful than more traditional ways? We want to get a picture of modern romance in the UK, so fill out our quick survey and let us know how important tech is to you when it comes to dating.

Click here to get started -- it'll only take a couple of minutes. When you're done, leave a comment below with your most romantic tech stories. Just be careful not to give away this year's surprise...

Update: This survey has now closed.



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