How PS2 became gaming's most popular console ever

Effortless cool, DVD powers and more -- CNET explains how Sony's second console became gaming's greatest sequel.


With more than 150 million sold, the PlayStation 2 is deservedly the king of consoles. But how does one go about creating perhaps the greatest games machine of all time? Adventures in Tech unearths the secrets to the PS2's success.

Hit play to learn about the key features that propelled the PS2 to glory, trouncing the likes of Nintendo's Gamecube and Microsoft's all-new Xbox console. You'll also find out how Sony ensured the PS2 played a crucial role in millennial culture -- as well as the reasons sceptics suggested it was doomed to failure.

Today the Xbox One and PS4 are vying for gaming supremacy, but even if one or both manages to beat the PS2's monumental sales record, it's unlikely that either will ever beat the significance of the PlayStation 2. It was there when gaming grew up, propelling the medium into the mainstream and becoming a major part of everyday life.

Join us in saluting the noble PS2 by pressing play, then drop your PlayStation memories in the comments box below.

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