How much for a Google Android phone?

One tech blog says the first phone using Google's open-source operating system called Android will sell for $200 with a two-year service contract from T-Mobile.

The soon-to-be announced, first-ever Google Android phone will be priced at $200 with a two-year contract, according to a blog post on TechCrunch.

The tech blog said an "insider" had confirmed the $200 price tag, which is reasonable considering that AT&T is selling the iPhone 3G for the subsidized price of $199. That said, it's still about $50 more than what we had expected. Earlier reports were that the phone would cost $150 with a two-year contract and $399 without a contract.

The HTC Dream will be the first phone that uses Google's open-source operating system called Android. T-Mobile USA will be the first carrier to the offer the new phone , which is expected to be announced on Tuesday. Stay tuned for more rumors and details as the countdown to Android continues.

T-Mobile declined to comment.

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