How many iPads were sold last quarter? Analysts weigh in

Analysts contacted by Fortune predict a 10 percent rise in iPad sales over those from the final quarter of 2012.

Apple's iPad Air
Apple's iPad Air Josh Miller/CNET

Apple may have sold around 25 million iPads in the final quarter of 2013. At least that's the forecast based on a consensus of 45 analysts.

Eliciting the opinions of 28 professional analysts and 17 amateur or independent analysts, Fortune uncovered iPad sales estimates ranging from 21 million to 28 million. Stirring together all the numbers yielded an average of 25 million, up around 10 percent from the 22.9 million sold in the prior year's quarter.

Fortune found the independent analysts more bullish, calling for a 16 percent average jump in sales from 2012's last quarter. In contrast, the professionals expect an 8 percent average increase. Last year, the pros almost hit the target by forecasting 22.8 million sales, while the independents were off base with a prediction of 25.5 million, according to Fortune.

The new iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina Display both missed part of the fourth quarter, Apple's first fiscal quarter of 2014. The Air didn't launch until November 1, while the Mini with Retina Display was delayed until November 12.

Apple will reveal the actual number of iPads sold last quarter when it releases its financial results on January 27.

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