How do we use our iPads? Apple counts the ways

Oh, the place you'll go -- with an iPad. A new Apple promo showcases people using the tablet everywhere from under the water to the side of a mountain.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

How do surgeons, choreographers, mountain climbers, and little kids tap into Apple's tablet? Apple wants us to know.

A new promo page dubbed "Life in iPad" highlights iPad users from around the world to show us that the tablet is good for a lot more than just playing games and checking e-mail. The video takes us on a tour of the iPad at work, showing its adoption by a wind turbine technician, a farm worker, a professional speedskater, an underwater sea diver, a vineyard owner, an off-road race car driver, a firefighter, a choreographer, a surgeon, and finally a mountain climber.

But Apple reminds us that the iPad is good for play, showing us children using it for fun. The video also delves into the stories behind the speedskater, surgeon, and other professionals.

Yep, it's a promo designed to sell more tablets, but it's worth watching if only to catch the very end when the climber tucked in a tent on the sheer side of an icy mountain pulls out an iPad.

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