House purchase comes with surprising geek collection

A Reddit thread claims new owners of a furnished house in California discovered a massive collection of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Star Wars," and superhero memorabilia.

Turtle statue
Better than a guard dog? Topherstiles

It sounds like a geek dream. You buy a house complete with all the furnishings, to include a life-size "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" statue, a set of framed turtle weapons, a full-size Stormtrooper, and original paintings of famous superheroes.

Redditor Topherstiles posted about friends of the family buying a furnished house complete with that very stash inside of it. The collection also includes a Superman statue and numerous action figures.

The details on the find are extremely sketchy. We've got a Reddit thread title and a bunch of photos to go on. There is plenty of speculation, but no verifiable details.

Redditors have pointed out there could be a sad backstory to all of this. Someone spent a lot of time and attention amassing those collectibles. Something extreme likely happened for them to be left behind and tossed in with the couches and chairs in a house sale.

If this story is true, it's quite the geek find. The buyers, however, aren't planning to revel in their personal version of Comic-Con. The items are up for sale. If you've been looking for a full-size Ninja Turtle to complete your collection, the inquiry e-mail address can be found in the thread.

A query about the find sent to that address has so far gone unanswered.

A Stormtrooper and his self-portrait. Topherstiles
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