Hottest tech products (fall 2012)

Here are the most popular products getting the most attention from readers on CNET.


I'm proud of you guys. Every year we roll out our fall list of the products getting the most attention from readers, and every year it ends up being a list dominated by phones.

But not this year. No, this time you guys are spicing things up with a surprising mix of products.

Of course, this would be a very different list if we didn't put some restrictions on it. We wanted to only look at very new products (added to our site in the past two months). So for example, the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 didn't make the cut because of its July launch. On the other hand, the freshly minted Apple iPod Nano was perfectly eligible to be included, but the review page just didn't draw as much traffic as the other products on this list.

So now that you understand the ground rules, let's check the pulse of CNET's readers to find out what fall products are getting your attention.


iTunes (HD)iTunes (SD)iTunes (HQ)


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