Hot Wheels car races down world's highest wall track

A toy Hot Wheels car takes a huge plunge down the side of an apartment building on what may be the world's highest wall track.

Hot Wheels track in the air
Apparently, Hot Wheels cars don't suffer from vertigo. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

A blue Hot Wheels toy car sporting the number "01" went where no Hot Wheels has gone before. It got to take a dramatic plunge down what the toy car company is calling "the world's highest wall track."

The track was rigged up to go on the side of an apartment building. It's hard to tell exactly how high the track is, but it certainly looks like it could claim the record.

The impressive car drop took place during the BCN Fan Fest, an event devoted to Formula 1 racing, in Barcelona earlier this year, but the making-of video was just recently released.

The track builders put the contraption together on the ground and then hoisted it up the side of the building in large pieces that connected from on high all the way down to the ground. It's not just a straight-up-and-down track. The car had to ride over moving platforms and leap through space.

A little boy was given the honors of setting the first car on its way as onlookers followed the dramatic progress from below. Check out the video for all the action. You don't have to speak Spanish to enjoy the thrilling descent.

(Via Autoblog)

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