Hosting provider Mosso gets open-source productivity and scale with Hyperic

Hyperic is helping Mosso to get a consistent view of its extensive IT assets.

I love reading case studies from open-source companies. It's interesting to read press releases like this one about Mosso, a hosting provider that hosts more than 30,000 websites, which has adopted Hyperic to manage its IT infrastructure. But it's even better to dig into the details of the implementation in the case study and see how real customers derive real benefits from Hyperic's open-source solution.

Hyperic is one of the brightest lights in the open-source constellation. Here's why:

Hyperic Inc., the leader in multi-platform, open source systems management, today announced that next generation hosting firm Mosso, Ltd. has deployed Hyperic HQ Enterprise to provide it with a single view of its entire physical and virtual infrastructure. In less than three months, the deployment empowered the operations team to deliver better customer service while growing their install base dramatically, all without adding additional headcount.

Today, Mosso powers more than 30,000 web sites, many of which are high-profile. The company processes approximately two billion requests per month. To handle such scale, the Mosso system is based on a cross-platform, clustered-computing architecture that is virtualized using VMware ESX Server for high availability.

I encourage you to read through the case study to get the details of how Hyperic is helping Mosso. Keep in mind that while there are tangible, real benefits from Hyperic's open-source approach, the broader value of Hyperic stems from being an exceptionally good application.

Open source doesn't necessarily equate to "excellent code," though it often contributes to such. But open source plus excellent code is a recipe for success, success that Hyperic continues to demonstrate.

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