Hit parade marches on

Marketwave unveils new versions of its Web site analysis software, Hit List Standard and Hit List Pro, which generate site traffic reports.

Marketwave today announced new versions of its Web site analysis software, Hit List Standard and Hit List Pro, products that generate traffic reports.

The Pro version can track ad banner traffic and analyze click-through rates, among the 40-plus new ad-oriented features added. Its "keyword search" feature also lets Web publishers find how a visitor originally came into the site--not just the name of the search engine, for example, but the keywords that were searched. That lets Web publishers index their sites more effectively and buy ad banners on appropriate keywords.

Hit List Standard 2.5, designed for entry-level Web markets, adds an overnight email feature that generates traffic analysis reports as formatted Microsoft Word documents, not raw log files that are usually downloaded from a Web site.

MarketWave's offerings compete with tracking software from Interse, netGenesis, and WebTrack.

The professional version costs $1,995 with a $295 upgrade price for registered users of version 2.0. The entry-level product is priced at $345, free to registered users of version 2.0. Both run on Windows NT and Windows 95 but can analyze log files from most Windows, Unix, and Macintosh Web servers.

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