Hilton's iPod wake-up call

The corporate giant that operates the Hilton, Doubletree and Embassy Suites hotel chains is refitting thousands of rooms with clock radios that permit visitors to wake up to any tunes stored on their iPods.

Each radio includes a jack that allows any music player to be connected to the alarm clock, but Hilton is playing up the iPod and iTunes angle. Each day, visitors to the company's Web site can enter to win prizes that include iTunes gift certificates, one of the new clocks (saves you from having to stuff one into your carry-on bag), an iPod Mini, a couple nights free in a hotel, or all of the above.

One entry is allowed each day, and just to make sure it doesn't slip your mind, the company has created downloadable software that mimics the alarm clock, reminding you that it's time submit another entry form for that iTunes certificate, valued at $10. If you win, don't forget to declare it on your taxes.
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