High-tech way to get enough orange juice

The Commercial Juicer at Hammacher Schlemmer offers regular consumers the opportunity to upgrade their home juicing volume. For a price.

Turn your kitchen into a cafe or restaurant.
Turn your kitchen into a cafe or restaurant. Hammacher Schlemmer

Freshly squeezed orange juice is a refreshing delicious beverage that there almost never seems to be enough of. After all, it takes a lot of oranges to squeeze out enough juice for a glass. And that's where Hammacher Schlemmer steps in.

Normally not known as a restaurant supplier, the specialty retailer brings us The Commercial Juicer. Yes, as in a "restaurant juicer that extracts up to 84 ounces of fresh fruit juice per minute." Given that the 164-year-old company is known for offering "the Best, the Only and the Unexpected," a juicing machine probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

As for the machine itself, it measures 34 inches tall, 28.75 inches wide, and 17 inches deep, which actually doesn't sound too big--for a 96-pound counter-top appliance. Oranges are fed into the machine via a chute where they are gripped by two flywheels before being introduced one by one to a serrated blade. Spinning reamers then squeeze the juice out of the cut fruit, collecting it into a waiting receptacle below. The entire process is visible through the transparent housing.

Of course, the convenience of a juicer that can juice up to 28-opm (that would be oranges per minute) doesn't come cheap: the price is just shy of $10,000. But as long as you have a Stock Car Racing Simulator or a Vertical Chess Set in the shopping car, you might as well pick this up while you are at it. Sorry, no free supersaver shipping.

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