High-end CD player or UFO sighting?

Shaling does it again with a $12,000 model.


If you're a company that makes equipment for a medium facing extinction, it's probably not a bad idea to keep trying something different with your wares. One way is unusual designs--and in that category, Shanling excels.

The Chinese company specializes in CD players that have unique looks, specs, and characteristics, as evidenced by its tube-
amplifying " MC-30 Music Center " and other models . Its latest offering is no exception: The CD-T300 Pro has four amplification valves, two remote controls, and gold-plated tube legs. But the most striking thing about it is the way it looks.

Boasting what Lussorian calls a "funky science-fiction styling," this beast is made of aluminum alloy and weighs more than 24 pounds. It emits a blue glow when touched, giving it the look of a UFO. Which, by the way, is particularly appropriate for an item with a stratospheric price of $12,000.


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