Hi I'm Matthew Carruth!

You may remember me from such other internet sites as The Hardball Times or FanGraphs.

Hello there. I am one of the ten bloggers selected by CNET (along with Ben, thanks to Andrew Mager for the contest entry link, though I got it via Facebook) to test drive the Palm Pre for a month. Hopefully, I am able to provide a unique perspective from the other bloggers. A little background info about myself.

I am a software engineer living in Seattle, Washington. I write for three other blogs, a few actual printed publications and am an active social web participator with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like.

On one hand, as evidenced by my occupation and other activities, I am quite familiar with technology, but on the other, I am one of the most impatient people when it comes to learning new technology. In a sense, I might make an ideal beta tester because I just want it to work, right away and an in obvious manner.

So in that light, expect to read a lot of me ranting about some feature being confusing or not acting how I feel it should followed by me figuring it out when I finally relent and look up the solution in online.

My previous phone before the Pre was the Palm Centro, which I have been using for about 18 months so there will also be a lot of comparison to how that phone worked.

With that in mind, it is time to open up the box. Until then.

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