Hello Kitty tickles the ivories

Miniature grand piano is etched in gold.


The devious feline will try anything to lull us into complacency before seizing our souls, and it has proven particularly effective in projecting its siren song through devices ranging from MP3 players to karaoke machines . Now, apparently no longer satisfied with mere electronics, Hello Kitty is aiming to control the origin of the music itself directly from the instrument--in this case, through a piano.

This miniature grand is one-sixth the scale of full-sized piano but has 88 keys and 100 pre-programmed pieces, 20 of which are naturally Hello Kitty's own ditties, as well as an SD card slot for more, according to Newlaunches. Only 500 of these limited-edition totems will be available for the bargain price of $600 at certain Sanrio stores. And lest you forget who's boss, the familiar mouthless image is etched into the instrument--in gold, no less, as is befitting of royalty.

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