Hello? Can you call back later? I'm playing Zelda Twilight Princess

Wiimote phone!


This is a fake gadget. Of course it is; after all, these days it seems like the top trend in gadget rumormonging is to tack a cell phone feature onto some other device and say it's "in the works." There was the iPhone , which turned out to be real, and the Zune Phone , which looks like it will turn out to be real. Now here's a Photoshopped "Wii Phone," as seen on Gizmodo, which is certainly not real. Yes, Gizmodo has reported that Nintendo does have a patent for a gaming phone, but I'm guessing it won't look like this.

Presumably, this hypothetical device would actually be a separate handheld gaming system, not a Wiimote, but it'd be funny if it could be used as one of the newly-iconic controllers. Instead of caller IDs, it could display the Mii of the person who's calling you. But it could lead to some difficult situations: when you're playing Wii Bowling, and the "phone" rings in mid-game, do you pick it up or keep trying to go for that strike?

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