Heavy wants to know where you live

Men-oriented video site introduces Digital Element technology to geotarget videos, ads and more.


Heavy, the online video site with a distinct focus on the Jackass demographic, announced Tuesday that it will be using the IP Intelligence technology from Digital Element in order to "geotarget" its advertisements, language, and video content based on where a visitor's IP address is located.

This means a couple of different things. One, by knowing where its visitors come from, Heavy can run locally targeted advertisements, which can make it a more appealing buy for advertisers. This, as we've seen with many of Google's locally-oriented applications, can be very lucrative.

And two, imagine the possibilities of geographically relevant Heavy videos: instead of just seeing videos of skateboarders falling off roofs into kiddie pools full of Jell-O, you might be able to see videos of skateboarders falling off roofs into kiddie pools full of Jell-O that were filmed in your home state. That skateboarder falling off the roof might even be your neighbor.

Heavy, as you may recall, made headlines earlier this year when it hired porn star Ron Jeremy as the host of a tech comedy show.

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