Headphones to help you get in shape

Get in shape with the help of some motivating tunes piped through these fitness-friendly headphones.

Sweat-resistant and wireless: a double whammy!

There's a reason the fitness industry is booming: there are always plenty of people eager to slim their waistlines or achieve perfectly toned arms. But being active and getting in shape isn't just about looking good--it's also about being healthy. So even if you're not trying to squeeze back into your skinny jeans, that's no excuse to shun your sweatsuit and sneakers.

Luckily, you needn't suffer through workouts in silent boredom; some upbeat music can provide the perfect motivation to get moving. First step: find a gym-worthy MP3 player. That done, it's time to find a fitness-friendly pair of headphones--namely, look for sweat-resistant models that offer various design features to ensure the 'phones stay secured to your head during activity. In fact, you won't have to look far, since we've rounded up our favorite active headphones right here.

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