Have your soup, and crackers too

Rather than trying to find a home for crumbly crackers while you eat your soup, try the Soup and Cracker Mug. It has a special compartment to hold your crackers while you eat your soup.

The Soup and Cracker Mug Harriet Carter

As the weather gets colder, I practically live on soup and crackers. Of course, that means I wind up with cracker crumbs everywhere when I take the crackers along with my soup. The Soup and Cracker Mug offers an easy solution, though: along with a mug perfect for a cup of soup, it has a "sidecar" that's perfect for holding crackers. This glazed stoneware mug holds 1.5 cups of soup. Of course, it works perfectly for cocoa and cookies or other hot beverages and snacks. The sidecar will even catch all your drips after dunking.

The Soup and Cracker Mug makes it easier to handle hot liquids and snacks, and is a little more convenient if you have to add heating your soup up in the microwave to the equation. If you're planning to eat your soup in front of the television or the computer, you'll have one less dish to juggle, as well. Even better, you'll have one less dish to wash after you're done. The Soup and Cracker Mug is ideal for those quiet meals where you don't want to deal with much more than a hot mug of soup.

The mugs are sold in sets of two, priced at $14.98.

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