Hasselblad's high-res high jinks

Hasselblad kicks its high-resolution medium-format digital cameras up a notch.

Hasselblad H3D II
Hasselblad H3D II electronista.com

I usually prefer to get my news from the horse's mouth, but as I'm having trouble tracking down the stable that issued the press release about Hasselblad's new H3D II I'll have to echoblog letsgodigital.org, which seems to have reproduced the press release in total.

According to the site, Hasselblad just announced its update to the H3D series of medium-format digital SLR systems. Like the older series, the H3D II offers three backs with 48x36mm sensors in 39-, 31-, and 22-megapixel resolutions. As far as I can tell, new features include a 3-inch LCD and some updated controls and navigation; improved heat dissipation on the sensors for better signal-to-noise response; better raw-processing algorithms in the software; and a GPS to record location data, which can be automatically uploaded to Google Earth via the raw-processing application.

Hasselblad H3D II
Hasselblad H3D II electronista.com

In case you're thinking about kitting out a new studio, Electronista.com has done the pricing math for conversion from euros: from $24,816 for the H3D-22II to $36,739 for the H3D-39II. In theory, they're available in Europe starting today.

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