Hard drive dresses as padlock

It's a hard drive shaped like a padlock. And if it's as secure as it appears, the cool-looking Imation Micro Drive could make stylin' fans of portable hard drives pretty happy.

Imation Micro Drive
Credit: Imation

The 1-ounce device--which packs a Toshiba microdrive--offers magnetic data encoding and error correction; 128-bit encryption; and file synchronization that automatically creates a backup copy of your data. The product is out now in a $159 2GB version and it's set to ship later this year in a 4GB version that'll go for $189. The Imation Security Manager software can be downloaded for free from the company Web site.

As for the design, the curved arm holds a flexible USB 2.0 connector that locks back into the drive. The loop protects the cable and holds it in place while also functioning as an attachment clip for briefcases, backpacks or belt loops. If you happen to accidentally walk into a wall while the drive is attached to your pants, you ought to be OK: The drive is engineered to resist shock up to 1,000 times the force of gravity, according to the product specs.

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