Happiness is...Beatles version of 'Rock Band'

The overlap between Beatles fans and Rock Band fans is apparently bigger than you think.

As a member of the old-people-who-used-to-play-in-rock-bands demographic, I've never found much appeal in Rock Band or its competitor/predecessor Guitar Hero. But they obviously have a lot of devoted fans, including, apparently, "the only Beatles in the world" (and the others' designated heirs).

On Thursday, Rock Band creators MTV Music-Harmonix teamed up with Apple Corps and announced a forthcoming video game that will let you play along with Beatles songs. The game won't merely be another Rock Band version or Track Pack, but will rather be an entirely new game that will presumably work with the Rock Band peripherals. Album art will be prominently featured, as will the original mixes, presided over by Beatles engineer George Martin's son Giles (who also worked on the Beatles/Cirque du Soleil tie-in project, Love).

Personally, I'm hoping for an interactive Yellow Submarine portion and a new Rock Band keyboard so I can try to play "Hey Bulldog."

It doesn't seem like there'd be much overlap between a band that broke up nearly 40 years ago and a new video game, but generation after generation keeps reclaiming the Beatles as its own. My friends' 7-year-old daughter has been obsessed with them for some time--she could tell John songs from Paul songs from George songs when she was only 4, and watches Beatles movies alongside Hannah Montana flicks.

The game will come out late next year, in time for the holidays.

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