Hands-on with the Tannoy i30: Loud and proud

From the minute we opened the beautifully packaged i30 we knew we were in for a treat.

Crave UK

No quirky intro for you today: Along with the B&W Zeppelin , Tannoy's i30 is the best iPod speaker system Crave UK has ever heard.

From the minute we opened the beautifully packaged i30 we knew we were in for a treat. The system itself is extremely weighty at just over 7.7 pounds, with a solid and glossy black enclosure, and seductive dark speaker grilles, between which sits your choice of iPod. Around the back is a line-in socket for non-iPod models, along with a USB port for hooking it up to iTunes, composite video out and a wall-mounting bracket.

But that's enough boring stuff. The i30 sounds incredible, with a massive sound delivered by twin full-range drivers. We immediately heard an explosive room-filling sound, with powerful bass, mids that punch you in the face and glistening treble, making every type of music we pounded through the system sound terrific, and deafeningly loud. This is in a class of iPod dock with few others.

At the moment it's priced at just over 200 pounds (about $397), but Amazon is selling it for half that. If you're after an iPod docking system right here and now, we strongly suggesting giving it a look. Check out our full review and video review in the coming days.

(Source: Crave UK )

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