Hands-on with the Asus N10

We've previously mentioned the upcoming Asus N10, the more-expensive cousin to the low-priced Eee PC line.

Can a netbook cost $799?

When is a netbook not a netbook? We've previously mentioned the upcoming Asus N10 , the more-expensive cousin to the low-priced Eee PC line, which adds discrete graphics options, bigger hard drives, Windows Vista (with an XP downgrade option), an ExpressCard slot, and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

We just got a chance to take a brief up-close look at the N10, which is currently available for pre-order from a handful on online vendors.

The 10.2-inch N10 feels more like an ultraportable laptop than a netbook, thanks to its nearly full-size keyboard and less-plasticy design. Also notable -- a hybrid video solution that lets users switch between using the integrated graphics (for better battery life) or the Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS GPU.

The N10 will sell for $599-$799, a few hundred dollars more than most netbook-style laptops. Both lines use Intel's Atom CPU, and should be shipping by the end of the month.

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